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2012-03-10 11:00 pm

I still ain'tn't dead,

just working, mostly*. My Cape Town/London trip over Christmas was absolutely fabulous; I still feel warm and fuzzy thinking about all the happy time spent with friends and family. Lucky, lucky me! This semester feels a lot better than the last one: I'm much happier with my courses (algebra, differential geometry, geometric group theory and auditing analysis), and feel generally more settled. The main work this semester is preparing for the algebra qualifying exam in August: 6 hours, 5 questions, 1 bear of little brain. We have to pass one qualifying exam by the start of our fifth semester or we're out; the exams are offered twice a year, so I have two chances for this one. Eeep.

* And learning to swing dance. Is fun!

One thing I've realised this semester is that I have very definite ideas about teaching maths, which seem to have developed while I wasn't watching over the last twelve or so years of teaching. This has caused some friction between the lecturer I'm TAing for and me, which has been a little stressful, but has also forced me to figure out what I really think. I will almost certainly prattle about it all at some point, just not right now. Now, it's time for pictures: 

Madison continues to enchant. )