Jul. 4th, 2012

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After a fabulous holiday in Cape Town and London, and several days of unspeakable jetlag, I started teaching 'Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teachers' two weeks ago. I've been blogging about it here, in case you're interested. I'm loving it, and finding it fascinating. When I'm not teaching or preparing to teach, I'm studying algebra. And trying to stay cool. So far, moderate success on the algebra studying, mostly fail on the staying cool: the temperature reached 40 degrees today, and my little airconditioner just laughed.

The trip to CT and London made me think a lot about what makes me happy (because I was very happy on the trip), and what I could do to make life in Madison a little easier - because it's been tough, and lonely, and often feels very foreign. One of the things I really loath is American bread - it's all sweet and fluffy and has no substance. So I bought a breadmaker, and I've been baking bread. It's awesome, and fun, and now at least I have bread that tastes like bread. It's a little thing, but it makes a world of difference being able to eat something that tastes a bit like home. I also realised that I miss making music, and would love to play in an orchestra again. So I've started violin lessons, with the aim of getting myself back in shape. The first lesson yesterday was fun, and not as bad as I expected after 5 years of not playing.

This weekend D and J (two maths dept friends) and I are heading to Shell Lake to stay at D's family's cabin, which promises to be cooler than Madison (the 40s are expected to continue). This feels like a very American thing to do - everyone always seems to be heading off to a cabin somewhere during the summer. Oh - and I watched a 4th of July fireworks show from across the lake over the weekend. It was pretty cool, but I was more intrigued by the fireflies, which are AWESOME. Bioluminescence! Who knew?

It was fantastic to see [livejournal.com profile] bumpycat last week, who visited while on his trip to the US. I got to do touristy things that I haven't done yet, like eat fried cheese curds, and visit The Capitol. Fun!


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