Jun. 20th, 2012

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(Section 1.4, 2.1)

Lots of definitions and facts to go through today - all about angles and circles. I've been thinking for a while about blackboard style, and how best to present material. Just writing down a running commentary of what I'm talking about is not, I think, very helpful. So instead, today, at the start of the class I labeled one blackboard 'Teaching', one 'Definitions & Notation' and one 'Facts & abbreviations', and as I worked my way through the material I added info under the appropriate headings. At the end of the class I asked the students if that way of working worked for them. They all said they really like it, because it gives a clear summary of what's been going on, but it was confusing to know how to take notes, since I was going backwards and forwards, and adding stuff to each blackboard. So tomorrow I'll tell them to have three pages, labeled appropriately, and add stuff as I do!

They worked on today's worksheet together; it was mainly to do with using a protractor, being able to copy a drawn angle etc. Then I got them to talk me through the answers, while I pretended to be a student using a protractor for the first time (so I got to play with the big blackboard protractor for the first time). Turns out that using a blackboard protractor is harder than you might think; there are lots of things that can go wrong...

EDIT: a student just emailed me her quiz question, due tomorrow. It is beautifully done using GeoGebra. She said she got completely wrapped up in creating it, and had a lot of fun. Since she was one of the students who said 'all of maths' for what she feels uncomfortable with, I feel very happy.


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