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So the class did really well at finding the mistakes in their midterms after I gave them the grades for each question, but before they saw their graded version! I was very impressed - there was only one student who didn't find the mistakes she'd made! I asked them how they felt about it, and it seems the general consensus was that it was intimidating and scary, but that they learned more than just looking through the graded version. A few students did say that having more of a hint for where the mistake occurred would be helpful; I'll think about that.

Today I did several proofs on the board, trying to work into the method the ideas I had yesterday about teaching geometry problem solving. Before diving into a proof, we figured out what specific thing we needed to prove, and then wrote a possible list of ways that thing could be shown. From there, thinking about facts we knew, we decided which routes looked viable. I worked each proof on two blackboards - one for rough work and thoughts, and one for 'final answer'. Got some good interaction going, but the faster students were a bit bored and frustrated. I need to make it more about 'how to teach the process', and less about 'solve this problem', I think. Oh - we also used a lot of colour on the figures - marking things that are given in one colour, things to be proved in another. Seemed helpful; will elicit more feedback tomorrow.

I'm still a section behind. Gah!


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