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For the midterm today, I used a modified version of a midterm written last year by a Very Good Teacher. Since this is the first time I'm teaching the course, I was leery of setting my own paper, and his paper really struck me as an excellent exam. I shortened it a bit, and changed a few things, but basically it was the same. I really didn't want them to struggle for time, but at the same time I wanted there to be a few challenging questions.

I think overall it was still a bit long; I ended up giving them an added 15 minutes to the 60 originally intended. The general comment was that it wasn't very similar to the past exam papers available through the library, and that was disconcerting. I'd looked at those, and felt that it was similar, so I need to probe a little more and find out what seemed different. 

I scanned all the exams before I graded them, and then once I'd graded them I emailed each student their ungraded exam, with their score for each question. For Thursday, they have to provide corrections for each question they didn't get full marks for, and the corrections will be graded. When I told them about this after the exam they were enthusiastic about this; we'll see how well they do at figuring out what they did wrong. Overall the grades were good - only one in the 50s, the rest in the 70s and above. I'm a bit exhausted from the grading marathon, so will write up more detailed observations about answers another time.

I'm very glad tomorrow is Independence Day. This teaching lark is not for sissies! Also, the temperature has been in the high 30s for several days in a row; today it reached 39. Since my apartment gets full afternoon sun, my little aircon has been battling. There are a couple of things I want to write about at some point: maths as narrative, and the psychology of teaching maths. But right now I think I'm going to have a cold shower. Again.
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